Photo Scavenger Hunts

Published on June 20, 2020

An outdoor Social Distancing activity some of my housemates and I have been enjoying recently has been to go on photo scavenger hunts around the neighborhood. For each one we’ve tried something a little different. My favorite so far is probably the Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt.

The typical ground rules are:

  1. Decide on a time limit (generally 15-30 minutes)
  2. Designate an ending location
  3. If you’re not at the ending location when the scavenger hunt is over, 1 point is deducted per minute late
  4. Taking photos of things in your home or yard are not allowed.
  5. Start your timers at the same time

Pre-made Traditional Scavenger Hunt

15 minutes to find as many of these objects as you can. We gave 1 point per object, and half a point for a fake version of the object (such as a plastic butterfly)

Single-Photo Co-op Scavenger Hunt

Using the set of 25 objects in the grid linked above, work together for 15 minutes to take a single photo that has as many of the items in the grid as possible. We got 13. Can you do better?

Make-Your-Own Scavenger Hunt

Come up with your own list of objects to find, similar to the Pre-designed Traditional Scavenger Hunt above. Anyone who finds and takes a picture of the object gets the points.

Make-Your-Own Challenge Scavenger Hunt

Come up with a list of challenges, where only the winner of the challenge gets the points. For example:

  • Take the photo with the most people in it
  • Take a photo of the biggest number
  • Take a photo with the biggest square

Walking Route Co-op Scavenger Hunt

Decide on a walking route. Each player will walk the same route, but not at the same time. Each player can take exactly 40 pictures. Each picture should be of one object, such as ‘house’, ‘car’, ‘fire hydrant’, etc. The goal is to take as many pictures as possible where the object matches the objects the other players took pictures of. You can also have players walk the route backwards so that two players can start at once. This works especially well if you are doing this with just two people.

Color-wheel Scavenger Hunt

Take exactly 20 pictures, trying to take them so that the average color in each photo is in rainbow order. You can start with any color, and go either direction around the color wheel. You may delete photos you have taken, but you may not rearrange photos. Every photo should be of a distinct object. When you are done, upload your photos to this Average Color Tool. Use only the ‘Hue’ portion of the average color. Any photos that you took out of order have to be removed and don’t count toward your score. The winning score in our game was 17. Can you get all 20?

Max Alphabetical Photos Scavenger Hunt

Take as many photos as you can in 26 minutes, where each photo is of an object that is alphabetically after the previous photo that player took. You can start anywhere in the alphabet and wrap around back to A, but you can’t go past whatever object you started with. 1 point per photo. Any photos taken after the timer runs out do not count towards your score. Players can delete photos, but they cannot rearrange them.

Alphabetically Last By Letter Scavenger Hunt

Each player takes one photo for each letter of the alphabet. Your photo only scores if it is alphabetically last of all photos taken for that letter. For example, for C, if three players took photos of a coupon, a curtain, and a cyclist, only the player who took a photo of the cyclist scores a point for that letter.

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